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Help for a newbie! [09 Jun 2009|12:32pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

My daughter is 11 weeks old today and we've been working on EC since she was born. She's in cloth, a big mixture of EC style (kissaluvs with and without wool covers) and hold as much as possible PUL stuffers, like fuzzi bunz. My husband is in love with our thirsties AIOs because he can't be bothered to stuff a pocket diaper, find a cover or snap snaps. AIOs are exactly as easy as sposies, right down to the velcro fastenings.

So I'm kind of worried that DD is getting mixed messages about using her diaper. Sometimes we offer the potty, sometimes not. Sometimes we change her as soon as she's wet, sometimes she goes in an open diaper, sometimes she stays in a fuzzi bunz for like three or four hours. It just depends on busyness, where we are, what our 3-year-old is getting into, etc.

For a week or two, her diapers were starting to blow out at night, she was leaking through the fuzzi bunz and the thristies ... but then, it was like something clicked in her brain, and now her overnight dipes are really light and she always has a ton of pee for the potty in the morning. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!

But the crazy thing is, that's all I can really rely on. After her big long nap, she'll usually go as well, but otherwise, it's hit and miss. Sometimes she is dry for a long time, sometimes she goes a lot in a row, sometimes I KNOW she has to go and she holds it on the potty and waits for the diaper to go back on. Sometimes I'm totally shocked that she's wet her diaper already, even though I just changed/pottied her.

And the thing that frustrates me the most is that everyone says poop is supossed to be so easy, but we just can't do it. She has no pattern whatsoever, in fact, her norm seems to be only going once every other day or so. But sometimes she'll go three times in a day and sometimes she'll go several days between. It drives me bananas!!!!!!

She went in an open diaper once and in the potty once, but both times were when she was brand new and pooping a lot more often, and both times she started to go in her diaper and we got it off of her and she did the rest open/potty.

Now, I swear there are times where it looks like she has to go, like she's pushy or straining or whatever, but she doesn't go. I hold her over the potty and nothing. I don't think she knows what I want. And I don't know how to tell her because I always miss the poops. I'll try several times when I think she has to go, and then hours later she'll go in her diaper while I'm cooking dinner or something.

I know I'm supossed to be low key and go with the flow and not get anxious about this (I've read diaper-free baby but that's about it) but it's so weird that we're having so much trouble with the thing that's supossed to be easier.

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by way of intro... [29 Apr 2009|06:15pm]

let me just say that I'm on my 4th kid, and while I've known about EC all along, I never really thought about it seriously... until now.

kiddo #4 is very prone to diaper rash. so much that after months of battling it, I decided to stop using diapers most of the time. she gets one when we go out or occasionally during the day around the house, but not at night. so far we're just holding a cloth prefold under her to catch any mess and at night she sleeps with a waterproof mat with a prefold on it under her. if she wets, we pull out the wet one and slide a dry one under her.

so on the one hand I'm halfway there but on the other hand I feel like there's still so much more to it. do you have to use a potty chair (we have the one pictured in the community's icon, so getting one isn't an issue) for, um, association? what kind of cues do you use?

I don't now if I'll be jumping head-deep into this right away, but the thought of going back to diapers completely, at least for this kid, scares me. after two days in diapers (not counting the night between, when she was diaper-free) she started showing a bit of rash again!

baby is almost 6 months, btw.
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Success!! [20 Mar 2009|05:11pm]

After debating the concept of "elimination communication/natural infant hygiene" together for some time, my husband and I elected to buy Iris a little potty. I ordered it at the end of last month and it just came today- finally. I was uncertain about doing EC with Iris because she's already nearly eight months old- even when she was only five months old I felt we'd probably missed a precious window of opportunity with pottying in the newborn period. So I read a book anyway, watched my friend cue her daughter on their potty with success, and started giving Iris cues whenever I noticed her going in her diaper, in hopes that, at the very least, I'd become more aware of my daughter, and at best, that when the potty did arrive in the mail, that we'd already be familiar with the cue. So I set Iris on the potty a few minutes ago and made the cue sound and voila! Two minutes later, my eight month old baby went to the bathroom on a toilet. I'm converted!
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Splat Mat on MamaBargains -$13 [20 Mar 2009|09:21am]

Man, if I had money (and DS was in a younger stage of EC), I'd totally buy a couple of these waterproof mats. These would be great for EC'ing, IMO. Maybe someone else can take advantage:

Hope you're all having a good day!
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new member with some questions re newborn pottying [19 Mar 2009|06:00pm]

I'm a new member, although I've been looking for this community for a long time and didn't realize it existed! I first heard about EC when I first got pregnant- my old friend did EC with her younger son and highly recommended it.

So anyway, my daughter is now 5 weeks old, and I've been holding her over the sink to pee/poop almost since she's born. I've only recently figured out what she does when she's about to poop, and I think that she's already catching on to what's going on and seems to be making more noise much sooner. And she usually pees after she poops, so that's good. I'm using cloth (prefold) diapers with her, which seems to help somewhat.

She seems to poop & pee a heck of a lot. Sometimes I'm vigilant and try to catch each and every one, but usually I let some slide. I could take her to the potty 5 times in an hour if I'm really being careful! It's like her pooping is slow and ongoing, rather than major events. Do you think it's ok that I don't potty her al the time?

I've recently started taking her to the toilet to potty. I kneel down in front of it and hold her just like I do over the sink. I've started doing this because her poops have gotten bigger and more frequent (or at least my catches have become more frequent) and cleaning the sink started getting old. Much easier to flush the toilet (or not :)). She's getting bigger though, and I think it might be time to invest in a little potty.

So, my questions:

What is the youngest baby you know of that used a little potty? Is it silly to buy one before the baby can sit up? I am envisioning supporting her in a seated position on the potty- is this naive? I think we could at least hold her over the potty as we would over the toilet, and it would be nice to have the convenience of using it near the changing table.

The other thing is that my daughter often screams bloody murder when she's pooping or peeing. She seems to scream about it more often than not. She screams whether she's pooping over the toilet or in her diaper- it doesn't really matter. Except that when she's in her diaper I can comfort her and distract her. When I'm holding her over the potty there's not much I can do for her. And if she's mid-poop I don't really want to stop and hold her. Sometimes if she's screaming and hasn't done anything yet I'll stop and put her diaper back on. The thing that's strange is that she will sometimes pee/poop over the toilet without screaming or crying, completely relaxed. This seems to happen mostly after nursing... but sometimes at other times. And sometimes she yells while pooping after nursing too. Have you ever seen this? what do you think?

thanks in advance for the help!
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Resuming pottying after a potty strike [31 Jan 2009|09:12am]

I practise part-time EC with my eleven-month-old but she's been on a month-long potty strike. I was frustrated initially, but then decided to just let her take a break, since I think she's learning a whole lot physically and cognitively right now. We've been trying to potty every morning though, but with very limited success. I think I've caught only three or four pees in the past month but we've caught almost all her poops though. I want to try pottying her more regularly again. Is there anything different I can/should do to ease the transition back into it? If I'm having very limited success again, should I just hold off trying again for a little while? I'm afraid if I do so, it won't become part of her routine anymore and she won't be able to get back into it again. Oh, and I'm not sure if it's at all related, but she's been dreading diaper changes tons lately; I'll set her down and she'll arch her back and scream bloody murder till she notices a toy I'm trying to distract her with. Maybe she's form a negative association with diaper changes and potty now. Anyway, thanks in advance!
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Baby won't use the potty anymore. [12 Dec 2008|07:35pm]

Well, we were doing great for the longest time, but now my baby hasn't wanted to use the potty at all for about the last three months. I've tried everything. I've tried using different receptacles, giving her new and amazing things to play with, taking her just after a nap, etc. None of it works. I've been able to make maybe two or three catches a week, but it gets less and less as time goes by. She's nine months old now, so no real pottying since about six months old.

Sometimes I can get her to go if she has JUST woken up and is still too groggy to really know what's going on. That's rare though and makes up 100% of the two or three catches a week. Otherwise, she will sit on the potty for one or two minutes, then arch her back and try to get away. Then she pees in her diaper or on the floor two or three minutes later. Every time. It's so frustrating!

Please tell me this isn't forever, because three months is so long for a potty strike. Is there anything else I can try? She's not cueing me anymore at all. She's super clingy and always wants me to hold her, so it's not a matter of being busy playing and not wanting to stop to use the potty.
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flying while ecing [08 Oct 2008|08:58pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Has anyone flown and practiced ec? We'll be in airplanes and at aiports for more than 24 hours. My baby and I are part timers - she'll wear cloth diapers while we're out and ocassionally will pee in them, but other times she will have a fit if I don't let her use her potty. She will definitely not use her diapers for a bowel movement. I guess she would if I let her cry until she can't hold it anymore, but that seems so cruel.

What do you do if the airport bathroom is occupied? I would think people would complain about pottying the baby at your seat if people complain about breastfeeding. Our longest flight is going to be 16 hours so she would HAVE to potty while on the plane.

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[22 Sep 2008|03:30am]

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wiggly baby on potty [10 Sep 2008|05:07pm]

I was wondering, if you have a really wriggly baby on a potty, do you persist in getting him/her to pee or do you just give up after a certain amount of time?

I have a six-month-old who I've been EC-ing part-time since she was about 3.5 to 4 months old. Sometimes, when she's been on the potty for a while, she starts getting restless and arching her back and wanting to get off it. She usually has something in her hands to keep her entertained but when that doesn't work anymore, I take her to the mirror, or try to read to her (if she's not hyper), or sing to her or put some music on (the latter two really don't help with cueing, as you might imagine). Recently, she's been arching her back while on the potty a lot more, and after, say, 20 minutes or so, with no pee, I reluctantly give up.
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Late Starter, need advice... [04 Sep 2008|09:48am]

Hello. I may be posting on here a lot in the next several weeks, so please bear with me :-)

I have a six-month old, and I would like to start infant potty training with him. I realize I am getting a late start, but I figure a little training is better than none at all! I'm hopinh part-time EC is not too ambitious. I haven't started until now for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one was that his grandparents were visiting from India for a few months, and life was quite chaotic. My MIL was actually the one who got me thinking about this, since they train babies in India from birth. Now that they have left and I can get a routine going with him, I'd like to start a few things. I'v read the relevant parts of Laurie Bouke's book "Infant Potty Training", so I have a bit of an idea what to do.

Here's my situation at the moment:
  • During teh day, we cloth-diaper using pre-folds, Snappi clips, and plastic covers. We have a service, so we get a set number of diapers a week.
  • At night, we use disposables to keep him dry. Sometimes we need to change him in the middle of the night if the diaper gets swollen, but not always.
  • He's six months old and we just started solids this week. So far he's tried applesauce and didn't like it, and a few drops of daal (also didn't like it). I'm thinking of holding off for a week or so and trying again. (He doesn't have teeth yet.)
  • Speaking of teeth, he's been pre-teething for a few months, but hasnt shown any signs of cutting teeth.
  • He's not crawling or standing yet, although last night he rolled from the middle of the bed all the way to the edge. He's showing signs of wanting to crawl, so he might manage it in a week or so.
  • He's a fairly independent baby. Likes to sit and play by himself a lot. He likes to be held sometimes as well, but he is by no means "high needs".
  • He's pretty low-key. He only cries if he's in pain or scared. If he's wet or hungry, he makes a whining sound. He rest of the time he's cheerful and relaxed.
  • His elimination pattern has changed recently. He used to poop once first thing in the morning. Now he'll go a couple of times a day in the afternoon or evenings. He never poops at night or in his sleep.
  • This is more about me/Hubby than the baby. We rent and have fully carpeted floors, so we have security deposits to worry about. Also, Hubby is a bit of a germophobe/clean freak, and I hate doing laundry unless absolutely neccesary.
We bought him a potty (the big Baby Bjorn with the removable bowl). I've tried having him sit on it when I think he's about to go, but he gets really panicky and tries to stand up. This morning I removed the plastic cover, and he's been fine so far. I've changed him a couple of times. One time he fell asleep while nursing and then wet himself. I didn't change him then because he was asleep.

My plan is to get him used to being in just cloth (no covers), and keep track of his elimination patterns. Once I'm used to them, I was going to start cueing him when he was in the diapers, and then move on to cueing him on the potty. Since six months is such a big transitional age anyway, I don't want to rush him. On the other hand, since six-months old is such a big transitional age, adding another transition shouldn't confuse him that much, right?

Has anyone ever started EC at this late an age, and do you have any advice for me?
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BBLP success!! [26 Aug 2008|08:14pm]

I have to tell someone who cares!

Finn (6 months) has only peed/pooped in the toilet or sink since he was 3.5 months. Lately he's been resistant to both of them. Tried the Baby Bjorn Little Potty since he was a newborn and he wouldn't release into it at all. We've been doing tons of diaper free time lately and sat on the BBLP with a toy for the last week. Today he seems to realize what it is for (5 catches), and what's more, scooted over to the potty when he wanted to go! I am really excited about this and needed to tell someone!

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A Baby on the Potty Photo [25 Aug 2008|10:09pm]

My babe is 16 months old now. We didn't do full-time EC, and really only caught each morning's first pee from 2-8 months, then sat her on the potty whenever we remembered after 8 months old. But she signs "toilet" and makes the pss sound whenever she sees someone using the toilet, or whenever she's peeing on the floor (a favorite past time of hers). She will also sign poop when she is pooping, or about to go. I am very excited with her progress.

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[15 Aug 2008|01:34pm]

  Hi I'm new,
I found this community a few months ago when I was still pregnant and incredibly hopeful and naive. Then being pregnant got kind of complicated and I forgot all about it, but my interest has started to grow again in a big way.
My baby Valerie was born May 29th. We had a terrible birth experience, she broke an arm and tore some nerves in her other arm and spent a week in hospital and a month in a splint following her birth.
She also has a kidney abnormality that they caught on the 18 week ultrasound that has turned out to be bladder reflux. This means that when she goes to pee some of the urine goes back up to her kidney.
I'm a horribly worried first time mom. At first I was so concerned about hurting her that I was scared to breastfeed her, let alone try doing anything like using EC with her. The nurses in the hospital were always warning me about "jostling" her too much when I held her to feed her. Then I started to worry that doing EC with her would encourage her to hold her pee and might increase the problem with her pee backing up. We had an appointment Monday with the nephrologist at the children's hospital though, and now I'm starting to think the problem through more clearly and I think that doing EC with her is more important than ever.
The biggest danger with her bladder reflux is that if she gets a urinary tract infection it will quickly be carried back up to her kidney and become dangerous. As a result she's on a low dose antibiotic to try to prevent any infection until they decide whether or not she'll need surgery to correct the problem, but it's no guarantee. There's a chance the reflux will correct itself with time.
Encouraging her to void more frequently will help reduce the amount of urine that's pushed back up and with EC I can actually try to encourage her to pee more often rather than feeling hopeless to change anything as I would with traditional diapering. As well, with EC she's not sitting in dirty diapers, which reduces the risk of UTIs.
I love my baby so much! I had no idea love could be this good. I love the idea of doing EC with her more than anything because it's one more way to grow closer to her, understand her better and help her to be more comfortable.
And I'm excited that there's a community like this to look to for support and encouragement. Just reading through old posts has already given me more confidence to start and we caught three pees in the sink today.
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New Member [29 Jul 2008|10:38pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Hi! I just joined this community. I've never even heard of Elimination Communication until recently...not even a month ago, although people in my country (Cambodia) have practiced this for centuries! I guess, I just didn't really think about it. I just always thought that people in my country just couldn't afford diapers, so that's why the babies there were always diaper free. I guess, I'm just so used to being in disposable diaper culture here in America.

My DD is going to be 14 months old this Friday, and I just bought "The Diaper Free Baby" book by Christine Gross-Loh a several hours ago. I was really interested in this concept of the natural toilet training alternative, especially when I saw some woman wrote on her website saying that her baby have been diaper free since the birth. However, I'm little concerned about how to tune in to my DD's signals. Is it too late for me to do this with my DD? I'm Deaf, so I can't really hear her verbal signals, which concerns me about this method. Would that cause problems? Jeni, my DD, can communicate with me in sign language, but I haven't taught her the sign for "bathroom," yet, and every time I try to sit her on potty, she cries. She absolutely hate it. I bought the kind potty where it plays music. It's little bit high for her to sit on because she's quite petite baby. So I was wondering if it could be the potty itself, or should I buy one of those small Bjorn potty?

Sorry for so many questions! But thanks in advance. :)

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[03 Jul 2008|07:37pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi all!

I have a 4 month old son. We have been cueing his poops since birth (just making a modified grunt while he pooped since he was so obvious). We would try to put him on (well, hold him over) the baby bjorn little potty but he would always cry, so I more or less dropped it, although we would still cue him with the grunt.

3 weeks ago we started holding him over the toilet in the morning when he usually had his first poop of the day. It worked right away and so we now are catching pretty much all of them (he still is pooping about 4x per day). We use cloth so we change him often and we put him on the toilet when he is changed so we've been catching some pees too although we aren't as concerned with them at this point.

We are SO EXCITED about this!!! It really is so much more exciting than I ever thought, and I love his little looks and smiles to us when he's on the potty!

So I have two questions for you all.

1) What age do you start using a toilet insert? I assume when he can sit properly, but it is at useful prior to that? We are currently sitting facing the back of the toilet but it gets a bit uncomfortable. Squatting in front is hard for me since my knees are pretty bad. Anything else to reccomend we try? I've tried the BB potty but he's just not that into it at the moment.

2) He has not yet had any solids - we aren't planning to give him any until about 6 months. Any tips for the transition from breast milk poops to intro-solid poops?

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Do you use rewards as incentive? [17 Jun 2008|04:15pm]

This may have been covered in one of the EC books, but I can't afford to buy one and our library doesn't carry any.

Some say that it's good to use rewards as incentive and others say that it's not when teaching children to do things. I was wondering how this worked out for any of you.

Since she started teething, she's been really cranky about things and gets upset at little changes in life. She doesn't have a bladder infection and isn't in any kind of pain, but she's been refusing the toilet lately. She HATES going on herself, but when I take her to the toilet, she'll start to get angry and kick the toilet away from her and start crying. I tell her it's okay if she wants to go in her diaper instead, but when I go to put her diaper back on, she starts screaming because she doesn't want to go in her diaper.

At first, I was using things that were distracting. I would put her over the sink or over the diaper pail to potty (we can't go outside because of mosquitoes) and she would go because it was different and distracting. Now she's used to those places, too. Then I started using distracting sounds to get her to potty. She would be so curious about finding out where the noise was coming from and what it was, that she would potty while looking around. That also got old fast.

Then I began trying a reward to get her to go and it's been working great so far. I've been putting her on the toilet where she can see a picture of a baby's face I've cut from a magazine. She LOVES baby faces. As soon as she goes, I take her to the picture and let her crinkle the picture with her feet for a couple of minutes (she LOVES crinkling paper with her toes).

Do the EC books advise to use rewards or to not use rewards? My only worry is that she might learn to ALWAYS expect a reward for something that she should be doing just because she should - not because it's difficult or a chore. If so, when do you stop offering rewards?
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EC with Fitteds? [25 May 2008|06:31pm]

I recently discovered the Bumgenius cotton fitteds. I had been planning on just getting pre-folds for cost effectiveness, but at $9 a pop, these might be worth not getting pooped on.

What are your experiences using fitteds with ec? Are they worth the money? Do you catch poops quickly enough that blowouts aren't an issue? How many fitteds should I get if planning to ec (laundry every other day)?

(ps, I plan on ecing from birth, and using AIO's for night times and outings)
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Congratulations, Link [18 May 2008|04:15pm]

Since Link was born we've been making cueing sounds (a hiss) whenever we notice that he's peeing or pooping. Eventually it became clear that he had some idea of what the sounds were about, and since about 5 months old we've occasionally been taking him to the bathroom after a nap, taking off his diaper, and making the sound. This has frequently been successful in getting him to pee.

He's 7 months old now. Today we took him into the bathroom right after he woke up in the morning, and not only did he pee on cue but he also pooped. Later, after a nap, the same thing happened.

He was so happy about his accomplishment today each time--he had such a big happy grin knowing he did a good job.
picture of our cutieCollapse )
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Which Potty Seat to Buy? [07 May 2008|09:50pm]

I'll soon be ready to get a potty seat to go on our toilet. My little one is holding her head up on her own now and soon she will be able to sit as well. I was wondering which potty seats are best for small babies that would transition well to toddlerhood? I kind of like the ones with handles on the sides since it seems like babies would feel safer holding on. Then again, the Baby Bjorn seat (which doesn't have handles) looks more comfortable. What do you all use? I know everyone is advising me to use a small potty, but I don't want to go the little potty route. I'd like for her just to use the big toilet. I just don't like the idea of transitioning her from one to the other or having to rinse out a small potty. It's just one more thing for me to have to do, you know? She's been going in the toilet just great so far.
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