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My 14 month old is boycotting the potty. She started doing it when the grandma arrived about a month ago. First, it was just with her, and just in the afternoons. Now it is with everyone and most of the time. As soon as I bring her near the potty, she starts arching and screaming. Occasionally, I have had luck placing her on a potty (baby bjorn) first thing in the morning, but even this is failing now. I have started holding her over the sink again like a 6-month old.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Not sure if this is another age-stage thing for her, or just some negativity that she developed with around the potty. She tried to boycott the potty the last time grandma visited, but then the grandma was able to achieve partial success with her, and I never lost my luck. This time it is just bad-bad-bad! Not sure what to do. She was so well trained, and now everything got unglued... Any advice?
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