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This morning Oscar pooped in his potty around 7 as he does most days. Sometimes he has another one mid-morning, but usually not. I was making Scott's smoothie around 8 and Oscar was in his cage. He stopped playing and stood up and started getting whiny. I had to go to the bathroom so I scooped him up on the way. Now when I go, I'll usually put him on his potty whether or not I think he has to go, just to kind of build the association, Mom's on the big potty and Grimmy's on the little potty, and this is what we do in the bathroom. Well, I took his diaper off, and was lowering him down to put him on his little potty, when I feel my foot go "squish!" Somehow, in between taking the diaper off and putting him on the potty, a space of about 2 seconds, he pooped on the floor without my noticing, and I stepped in it. Grand.
I desperately don't want him to get his hands in it while I'm cleaning up, so I set him over to the side with some toys and start cleaning up. I hear his "omm omm omm" which often means, "hey mom, I peed!" I look over, and sure enough, he's standing in pee. I would have put him on his little potty, but I thought the struggle of getting him to stay on it while I cleaned up the poo would have been too much. . .
So now we have poo on my shoe and the floor, and pee on the floor and the baby and some toys. I pick up the baby and put him in the sink, rinse him off, put the diaper back on, and put him in the walker while I douse the bathroom floor in lysol. Poor Scotty probably didn't get much sleep with him clunking down the hallway in the walker babbling loudly, but I did finally finish making his shake after all the excitement was over. :b

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