Peegel66 (peegel66) wrote in eliminationcomm,

Clear Potty?

My daughter is soon 6 months old, and she is starting to sit up little by little. I would like to start putting her on a potty to pee, rather than holding her over a sink.

I was looking to buy a clear potty at the EC store, but it seems to be permanently sold out. Does anyone have any ideas how to teach her effectively to use a regular potty, or where to get a clear potty?

If using a regular potty, how do I know when she peed other than pulling her off the potty to check? It seems ineffective in terms of learning to have her sit on the potty and listen to my psss-pssss when she had already peed. I am concerned that she won't understand what I want from her if I keep psss-ing her after she had already gone. How can I tell right away if she has gone?

Many thanks.
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