A Pretty Girl with Blemishes (puddinhed) wrote in eliminationcomm,
A Pretty Girl with Blemishes

Reading signs

How much do y'all read pre-potty signs, really? The diaper-free book makes it sound so easy, but I feel like less than half of the ones I catch were because of a cue from my baby that I picked up on. Mostly I just take him when he wakes up, and I try sort of randomly throughout the day, when it seems like he hasn't gone in awhile. Maybe I have some special mom intuition about when to do it that I'm unaware of. Sometimes I'll know he needs to go if he's squirmy while nursing, and occasionally he'll warn me with a little fuss while he's playing. . . but I can't distinguish it from other fussy noises he makes (like, just the "come get me now, ma, I'm done being on the floor" fuss) and it's probably luck when I get it right.
Oscar does have a pretty clear DON'T have to potty signal, which is if I try to put him on the toilet and he doesn't want to go, boy, does he object! He arches his back and shrieks. Then sometimes 10 minutes later he'll do it in the diaper, but oh well. I feel like it's important not to push it if he's not in the mood to try.
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