Peegel66 (peegel66) wrote in eliminationcomm,

Harmful Associations?

Does anybody know about creating harmful associations in an infant? I spoke with my aunt who EC'ed both of her sons, and she warned me against using the sound of actual water running as an association to prompt my 4-month old to pee. She said that by doing this I will create a situation where my daughter will wet any time she hears the water running. I kind of suspected this anyway, so I stopped using this sound which had been reasonably successful until then.

Recently, I have been peeing her in the bathroom sink with the bathroom fan turned on. The fan is rather loud and creates a nasty white noise. I also accompany these pottytunities with the traditional "pssss" sound. Amazingly, today, she has gone at every pottytunity, and I am concerned whether she is developing another harmful association with the fan sound.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? I don't want her to develp a habit of wetting every time she hears a similar fan-white-noise.

Many thanks!
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