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Wet Bed (Karma for Bragging?)

Cross posted from 5/7/10 in my journal:

When Sasha woke the first time last night, I took her to potty - fine. I brought her back to bed naked. She had a restless night, so we made several trips to the potty. This morning, once she was up for the day, she went potty again. I don't bother emptying or rinsing the potty during the night. Well, this morning something went wrong. Sometimes the potty sticks to her bum or she kicks it. This morning it came up with her and dumped an entire night worth of pee on the bathroom counter, down my legs, on her legs... it was a huge mess. Mind you, she had just woken, so she wanted to nurse. She was not happy about being set on the floor so Mommy could clean up the mess. Ugh.

I was glad we waited til morning for our shower. After our shower, she was sleepy. I was laying in the living room floor with her, nursing. She rolled over to all fours, then used me for support to stand up. Then she peed... on me. Yep, that's right. She stood up and peed on me. Sigh.

So... needless to say, I had a rough morning. I did, however, get a little laundry and other chores done. I hope I can pull off not having to do anything on Mother's Day.

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