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Dry Bed

Crossposted from my 5/06/10 in journal:

That first night I tried to incorporate potty breaks into our nighttime, I let Sasha sleep naked and I was groggy... she peed on my leg. Hello Mommy... you are not ready for this! I have eased into it now and so...

Last night I put a dry diaper on Sasha as we went to bed at about 11pm. She woke around 2 or 3 with a dry diaper. I took her to potty. She doesn't like to sit on the cool potty in the middle of the night, but with it on the counter and a breast for her to suckle, she is happy to sit there and pees almost immediately after latching. When we went back to bed, I decided to brave it again. Only I didn't have any changing (water proof) pads clean. So I just let her sleep next to me in our bed, naked. We tried again when she stirred around 4, but she didn't go. I still put her back to bed naked. We tried again when she woke around 5 or 6 and she went for me again. So she got to be naked some more. When we got up for the day around 730, I put her dry diaper back on her, then realized we should go potty first. Duh.

So there you go... she got to have naked time while sleeping which I think must be really good for the bum and much better for sleeping!

I then proceeded to miss several times, so we had 2-3 wet diapers before we headed out for Daddy's Physical Therapy. Last time we went, I had considered taking her to potty part way through and didn't. Sure enough, she was wet. So this time when it came to mind, I took her. She gladly peed in their sink, so she stayed dry for that whole time, too!

She did poop in a diaper recently, but it had been awhile since the last time that happened. I was at work. I'm really pleased with how we're doing!
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