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Product Endorsement : BBLP

When I was studying EC, I kept seeing people mention the BBLP. In fact, the abbreviation is very common but you rarely see it explained. I think I had to google BBLP to figure out what it was! The Baby Bjorn Baby Potty is presented as being small for taking on the go, but it is hailed as being a great fit for baby bums.

I started out holding Sasha over toilets and sinks. Then I started holding her over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter (great height!). Then I finally ordered the BBLP. It was an easy transition from holding her up, supporting her thighs, to settling her onto the potty.

Sasha has really taken to the potty! I think it is a more clear signal to her that it is time to go. She pees almost every time I put her on it! And she loves to sit on it and kick her feet. I still sit her facing away from me so that it is most like when I held her for potty time. She can't quite sit up on her own, so I've found this to be a great way to support her.

The plastic can get a bit cold, so sometimes I fold a cloth diaper to tuck between her backside and the back rest. She mostly doesn't seem to mind the temperature of the potty, though.

I love our BBLP! I know there are other potties out there, but I can see why this one would be preferred.
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