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Loving EC!

I have simply not taken the time to sit with my now-4mo daughter naked and watch for her potty signs. (I work full time outside the home and she stays home with Daddy - who is supportive, but not involved in the EC effort.) However, we were basically snowed in this past weekend and I had a little extra time off from work. Sasha got to spend most of the weekend naked. I kept thinking about putting a diaper on her, but I'd give her a "potty-tunity" (I love that word!) and she'd go. So for every time she went, I just let her go naked longer. We did use a few diapers, but I am thrilled with how well we did! We didn't have a full-on "miss" (in my book this means pee or poop that isn't in the potty OR the diaper) until Sunday evening.

I just want to post about our EC stuff daily sometimes and I feel silly because most of my LJ friends don't have little ones, at least not in the diaper range. I could rattle on for quite a
while here... but also don't want to come off like I'm preaching to the choir.

If you'd like to see any of my personal EC posts, you can see them here.
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