jeni_mama (jeni_mama) wrote in eliminationcomm,

Cloth Diapers question

Hi, everyone. I'm semi-new. I asked around here a long time ago for my daughter but by then, she was potty trained, and I didn't need to use cloth diapers anymore. But now I'm pregnant with the 2nd baby, and I'm determined to stick with cloth diapers only this time around.

I'm registering for baby stuff and I am not sure where to start register for cloth diapers. Any recommendations on websites and what would be a great starter? I bought a several bum genius for my daughter a while ago, and I didn't like how it was kind of too big for her. It didn't look comfortable especially with clothes over bum genius. I only used it when she was indoor. I guess I'm looking for something that the baby can actually wear clothes over the cloth diapers when we're on the go.

Thanks in advance!
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