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EC just not possible for some babies?

I think I've pretty much given up with my 16 month old. She used to use the potty when she was very young, but as she's gotten older, she's phased it out. It isn't that she doesn't like the potty. She just doesn't care, I think. For a while, she would only poop in the potty. Now she will only poop in a diaper. I can catch a pee maybe once or twice a month. It's been like this for many months now. It's so strange.

She will sign for the potty, but only after she has already gone. She gives no sign or signal that she is going potty. NONE at all. She doesn't stay still or grunt or make a face. She will just go and then make the hand sign so I will change her. Many times a day, she will sign potty when she has not yet gone and I will take her, but she will just sit there and look around and try to pull all the toilet paper off of the roll or dump over the diaper pail or try to play in the cat litter box. I can sit there with her for one minute or ten and she won't ever go, no matter what. Eventually, she just gets irritated at being there and starts to fight and scream, so I put her diaper back on. The only time I can catch a pee is after a nap when she's still groggy and that, as I've said, is next to never.

I've tried every trick everyone has ever come up with: toys, books, activities, no activities, potty pause for two to four weeks, potty seat, big potty. Nothing at all works.

Has anyone ever had a child who just can't/won't use the potty? At this point, I'm pretty much ready to just give up this pointless fight and let her use her diaper until she's at the usual age kids start potty learning.

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