Emotionally Homegrown (the2ndhandkid) wrote in eliminationcomm,
Emotionally Homegrown

Wondering if anyone has any tips on returning to e.c. We started with cues from about 2 weeks old, started using the sink/big toilet at 4 weeks, got a baby bjorn tiny potty at 10 weeks, at 5 months we were catching all poops and lots of pees. Then we moved. In teh weeks time it took us to move, we were set back like 3 months. For awhile we were still holding onto afternap/sleep pees. It only took a couple more months and we lost that too. Now, he is one year [yesterday!!!] and I feel I should try to get back into the groove now. Any tricks/experience with re entering the e.c. way??

He i sto th epoint now where, if I see he is pooping, and put him on the potty, he will not go until he is back in a diaper.
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