March 14th, 2015

G diaper question

Hello all savvy cloth diaper mammas! I am expecting my second one in about 4 weeks and want to really give it a try with cloth diapering this time. When I was training my daughter I recall reading a word of caution about some tri-fold or thick cloth diapers that absorb the moisture so well that they sort of defeat the purpose of ec training - the child barely understands that they have gone because the diaper is so super absorbent that it almost feels dry.

Recalling this I have a question about g diaper cloth inserts - they are advertised to have some poly fiber in it that removes the moisture away from the child and makes it feel dry. Any idea if these diapers defeat the purpose of having the baby in cloth diapers from the elimination control training perspective?

Any other advice on what diapers and covers may be a better choice than g's? Though kind of pricey, I like them because of ease of use and the covers are cloth and breathable and fit nicely. But I really don't have that much experience with cloth diaper systems. Maybe there are other ones out there that are better or just as good but not as expensive?

Thanks so much!