G diaper question

Hello all savvy cloth diaper mammas! I am expecting my second one in about 4 weeks and want to really give it a try with cloth diapering this time. When I was training my daughter I recall reading a word of caution about some tri-fold or thick cloth diapers that absorb the moisture so well that they sort of defeat the purpose of ec training - the child barely understands that they have gone because the diaper is so super absorbent that it almost feels dry.

Recalling this I have a question about g diaper cloth inserts - they are advertised to have some poly fiber in it that removes the moisture away from the child and makes it feel dry. Any idea if these diapers defeat the purpose of having the baby in cloth diapers from the elimination control training perspective?

Any other advice on what diapers and covers may be a better choice than g's? Though kind of pricey, I like them because of ease of use and the covers are cloth and breathable and fit nicely. But I really don't have that much experience with cloth diaper systems. Maybe there are other ones out there that are better or just as good but not as expensive?

Thanks so much!


My 14 month old is boycotting the potty. She started doing it when the grandma arrived about a month ago. First, it was just with her, and just in the afternoons. Now it is with everyone and most of the time. As soon as I bring her near the potty, she starts arching and screaming. Occasionally, I have had luck placing her on a potty (baby bjorn) first thing in the morning, but even this is failing now. I have started holding her over the sink again like a 6-month old.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Not sure if this is another age-stage thing for her, or just some negativity that she developed with around the potty. She tried to boycott the potty the last time grandma visited, but then the grandma was able to achieve partial success with her, and I never lost my luck. This time it is just bad-bad-bad! Not sure what to do. She was so well trained, and now everything got unglued... Any advice?
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EC Hilarity

(x-posted to my journal)

This morning Oscar pooped in his potty around 7 as he does most days. Sometimes he has another one mid-morning, but usually not. I was making Scott's smoothie around 8 and Oscar was in his cage. He stopped playing and stood up and started getting whiny. I had to go to the bathroom so I scooped him up on the way. Now when I go, I'll usually put him on his potty whether or not I think he has to go, just to kind of build the association, Mom's on the big potty and Grimmy's on the little potty, and this is what we do in the bathroom. Well, I took his diaper off, and was lowering him down to put him on his little potty, when I feel my foot go "squish!" Somehow, in between taking the diaper off and putting him on the potty, a space of about 2 seconds, he pooped on the floor without my noticing, and I stepped in it. Grand.
I desperately don't want him to get his hands in it while I'm cleaning up, so I set him over to the side with some toys and start cleaning up. I hear his "omm omm omm" which often means, "hey mom, I peed!" I look over, and sure enough, he's standing in pee. I would have put him on his little potty, but I thought the struggle of getting him to stay on it while I cleaned up the poo would have been too much. . .
So now we have poo on my shoe and the floor, and pee on the floor and the baby and some toys. I pick up the baby and put him in the sink, rinse him off, put the diaper back on, and put him in the walker while I douse the bathroom floor in lysol. Poor Scotty probably didn't get much sleep with him clunking down the hallway in the walker babbling loudly, but I did finally finish making his shake after all the excitement was over. :b

Clear Potty?

My daughter is soon 6 months old, and she is starting to sit up little by little. I would like to start putting her on a potty to pee, rather than holding her over a sink.

I was looking to buy a clear potty at the EC store, but it seems to be permanently sold out. Does anyone have any ideas how to teach her effectively to use a regular potty, or where to get a clear potty?

If using a regular potty, how do I know when she peed other than pulling her off the potty to check? It seems ineffective in terms of learning to have her sit on the potty and listen to my psss-pssss when she had already peed. I am concerned that she won't understand what I want from her if I keep psss-ing her after she had already gone. How can I tell right away if she has gone?

Many thanks.

Banner Day for EC in our House

History: I started EC'ing my LO when she was 2mo. I started over a hospital basin on the kitchen counter and sometimes just the sink. I got a BBLP and even sometimes took her to the big potty eventually. Shortly after her 1st birthday, though, I had knee surgery and our EC practices just went right out the window.

She is now nearing her 2nd birthday and I'm trying to get back on track. I'm pregnant and lazy, though. This weekend I've felt more motivated in general and today we had FOUR catches! I've been successfully catching the first pee of the day these past few days, but today I have a funny story to share...

I decided I wanted a fresh pair of jammie pants (about all I wear when home) so I stripped off the pair I was wearing, throwing my arms in the air, and touting "naked!" My daughter pointed at her diaper and (apparently) requested to also be naked. I removed her diaper and noticed it was nearly (if not completely) dry. So I invited her to go potty with me. We both went!

Being pregnant has it's benefits. I can pretty much pee on command at any time. It is so cute, though, because she tries to imitate me giving her cue, so we whisper "pst pst pst, pee pee pee." She seems pretty fascinated by the toilet paper right now and got up for me to wipe her today. Then she sat down and peed. lol
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Reading signs

How much do y'all read pre-potty signs, really? The diaper-free book makes it sound so easy, but I feel like less than half of the ones I catch were because of a cue from my baby that I picked up on. Mostly I just take him when he wakes up, and I try sort of randomly throughout the day, when it seems like he hasn't gone in awhile. Maybe I have some special mom intuition about when to do it that I'm unaware of. Sometimes I'll know he needs to go if he's squirmy while nursing, and occasionally he'll warn me with a little fuss while he's playing. . . but I can't distinguish it from other fussy noises he makes (like, just the "come get me now, ma, I'm done being on the floor" fuss) and it's probably luck when I get it right.
Oscar does have a pretty clear DON'T have to potty signal, which is if I try to put him on the toilet and he doesn't want to go, boy, does he object! He arches his back and shrieks. Then sometimes 10 minutes later he'll do it in the diaper, but oh well. I feel like it's important not to push it if he's not in the mood to try.
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Little potty

My son is almost 7 months and we've been ECing a bit since he was born (catching 40-90% of them, depending on the day). I hold him facing the back of the toilet, with my hands holding his thighs. He's getting heavier, and I'm wondering if now would be a good time to try to transition him to using his little potty (Baby Bjorn). I've tried sitting him on it a few times and he didn't do anything, but I don't know if it's because he really didn't have to go those times, or if it's because it was different. How have y'all transitioned, or have you just kept putting them on the big toilet, maybe with a baby insert? It makes sense for us to keep using the big toilet because then we won't have to switch back again, but on the other hand I want it to be accessible to him when he's agile enough to get onto the little potty by himself.

Harmful Associations?

Does anybody know about creating harmful associations in an infant? I spoke with my aunt who EC'ed both of her sons, and she warned me against using the sound of actual water running as an association to prompt my 4-month old to pee. She said that by doing this I will create a situation where my daughter will wet any time she hears the water running. I kind of suspected this anyway, so I stopped using this sound which had been reasonably successful until then.

Recently, I have been peeing her in the bathroom sink with the bathroom fan turned on. The fan is rather loud and creates a nasty white noise. I also accompany these pottytunities with the traditional "pssss" sound. Amazingly, today, she has gone at every pottytunity, and I am concerned whether she is developing another harmful association with the fan sound.

Has anybody experienced anything similar? I don't want her to develp a habit of wetting every time she hears a similar fan-white-noise.

Many thanks!

Wet Bed (Karma for Bragging?)

Cross posted from 5/7/10 in my journal:

When Sasha woke the first time last night, I took her to potty - fine. I brought her back to bed naked. She had a restless night, so we made several trips to the potty. This morning, once she was up for the day, she went potty again. I don't bother emptying or rinsing the potty during the night. Well, this morning something went wrong. Sometimes the potty sticks to her bum or she kicks it. This morning it came up with her and dumped an entire night worth of pee on the bathroom counter, down my legs, on her legs... it was a huge mess. Mind you, she had just woken, so she wanted to nurse. She was not happy about being set on the floor so Mommy could clean up the mess. Ugh.

I was glad we waited til morning for our shower. After our shower, she was sleepy. I was laying in the living room floor with her, nursing. She rolled over to all fours, then used me for support to stand up. Then she peed... on me. Yep, that's right. She stood up and peed on me. Sigh.

So... needless to say, I had a rough morning. I did, however, get a little laundry and other chores done. I hope I can pull off not having to do anything on Mother's Day.